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When planning to hire a musician or band, you should prepare by carefully considering the type and nature of your event.

Professional musicians will significantly smooth the process thanks to their experience and knowledge. This may be the first time you are contacting musicians and your own thorough planning will help ensure that your musical event is exactly what you want and that the performance is a pleasurable experience for audience and musicians alike.

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Following is a list of points to consider when hiring professional musicians:

  1. Be sure to discuss with the musician(s) all of the musical styles you want for your event. Today's professional musicians will be helpful and will be able to clearly identify styles they can perform. Some bands specialize while others may perform many different styles. If the musician(s) you contact are not able to perform as required, they will be able to provide you with a referral for an appropriately qualified musician.

  2. Ask the musician(s) to suggest an appropriate opportunity to see a live performance. Remember, you are buying a peformance and seeing professional musicians live is the best way to get a sense of the sound and the look of your musician(s).

  3. If you're unable to see the musician(s) live (or even in addition to seeing a live performance) demo recordings are an excellent way to hear the musician(s). Professional musician(s) will have a demo recording or choice of demo recordings to help you make an informed decision. Keep in mind that live recordings are best since they offer a truer example of how your musician(s) will sound than do studio recordings which often contain over-dubbing (re-recording) and other studio effects that could not be replicated in a live performance.

  4. Pricing will vary between different professional musicians and these price differences are often a reflection of the versatility and experience they offer. The length of your event will also affect the price and you should remember that musicians will require access with sufficient time to setup their instruments and equipment. For a band, this usually means setting up before any guests arrive, while soloists or small groups with little equipment may be able to setup during an event. You will have to discuss this fully with your musicians.

  5. The equipment needs of your musician(s) will depend on the venue and the nature and timing of the event and the number of guests. You will need to be clear with your musician(s) about these points. If you have special needs, your musician(s) will need to know that right away so they can make the necessary arrangements.

  6. Professional musicians will want to be appropriately attired for your event. The nature of the event will dictate the appropriate attire and you will have to ensure that they know what to expect and what is expected of them, ie. black tie, costume, etc..

The advantage of hiring professional musicians is that they will be able to answer any of these questions and also any others that might be relevant to your event.

Professionalism plus experience = Great Live Music !!!


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