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Toronto Musician: BongoGirl

Vocalist, percussionist, bandleader and DJ

About: Her funky style, dynamic, high energy performance and her fun, approachable personality make her one of Toronto's busiest performers.


Biography: Bongogirl began her musical career at the age of 14 with regular performances on CBC TV in Montreal. She has a five octave vocal range and sings in a dizzying array of styles and genres. She sweeps from sultry jazz, to crystal clear opera and celtic, then puts on her powerhouse vocals for rock and dance music.

She is also a dynamic percussionist - playing congas, bongos and latin percussion.

As DJ Bongogirl - she is mixing and pumping the beat to keep the dance floor hopping.

Bongogirl performs for clubs, weddings, corporate events, cocktail parties and other events. Her band can be formatted from trio to larger formats.

Contact Information:


email: [email protected]

telephone: Toronto  416-893-4781


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